Xtreme's History

South Central Xtreme started in December 2004 as an adult competition team through the YMCA. In March of 2005 South Central Xtreme was set up as an LLC and held tryouts in April & May for it's first season. Xtreme was started by Gabe & Cara Peecher and Angela Larson. Now in our 19th season, Xtreme has won multiple local & national championships, competed at The Summit, D2 Summit, and is recognized in the all star industry.  South Central Xtreme Senior Coed Level 4 "Redemption" finished 4th overall at the 2021 D2 Summit and Senior Coed Level 3 "The Show" finished 3rd overall at the 2022 D2 Summit! Xtreme is a member of the United States All Star Federation.  We offer cheerleading for all age levels. We strive to have a positive environment and challenge each athlete to reach their full potential in the sport of all star cheerleading. If you have any questions about Xtreme or are interested in being a part of a great program, please contact gabe@southcentralxtremeallstars.com